Excerpts from Customer Emails

The time has finally come... My first baseball wallet I purchased from you guys is on its last leg. Roughly 15-20% of the stitching remains, so it has definitely seen better days. I have loved this thing from the day I bought it roughly 5 years ago and will truly, truly be sad to see it go.

I can't tell you how many compliments ("Cool wallet!"... "Where did you get that?!"... "I gotta have one of those!") that I've heard over the years. It got to the point that I was identified by having it amongst friends through college and at the office. So, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the product and your company.

I will be placing an order in the coming days for #2!

Brett; Mt. Juliet, TN

I bought my son one of your wallets two years ago for Christmas and you had sent me a note with the wallet telling me how you had lived in TN and wishing my son luck in his baseball career. I just wanted to tell you what

Josh Hamilton Baseball Wallet
Autographed Josh Hamilton wallet with "1 Peter 2:24"
has happened since he got his wallet. Last summer he was in a terrible car accident where thanks to his quick thinking he and his 4 friends survived by taking a ditch to avoid a head-on collision. His Dodge Nitro was not so lucky. The SUV exploded and burnt to a crisp. The only things that survived was his baseball cleats and his baseball wallet!!! Although it is blackened from the fire, it holds a special place in that young man's heart and he carries it with him all the time. He believes that it and the cleats was a sign from God and is part of his destiny. This school year, Bryan decided that he wanted to attend IMG Baseball Academy in Bradenton, FL. He will finish his jr and sr high school years there. I hope to share this story some day at his initiation into the Hall of Fame as a baseball player. LOL!! Thanks again for your well wishes. I thought you would enjoy his story! God bless you!
Denise; Crossville, TN


I love the baseball wallet. The first time I saw one I was a clubby for a minor league team in CA. One of our pitchers had one, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. Now I am in the ARMY and I am currently deployed, so having my baseball wallet reminds me of home. Everybody loves it, and I even have a few guys itching to order one when we get home. Thanks for the memories Pro Style Sports. Keep up the good work.

Mike; Undisclosed Location

I was at a toll booth the other day and the guy taking the coins freaked out when he saw my wallet ... absolutely loved it ... are you looking for any partners/investors in the baseball wallet? I love mine and would like to get in if I could if you have any interest.

Mike; Washington, DC

My husband who loves baseball and played some in the minors, got a wallet for Christmas one year. We have bought wallets through the years for different coaches as gifts because my husband absolutely LOVES his. It is a great conversational piece!! Several times we have been out to eat and it never fails someone asks about his wallet!! We were trying to think of a great coaches gift for our organization, and my husband said he would love to get his assistant coaches a baseball wallet. So I brought it up to the other teams and they agreed that that would be a great gift, and what a bonus to get the logo on it!! I am even getting my boys one of these for their birthdays!

Laura; Houston, TX


This morning I had a meeting with a Project Manager who I was trying to sell my services to. We got to talking about our kids and baseball and he pulled out his baseball wallet. My eyes got huge and he could tell I was excited. By the time I got back to my office he had emailed me your website. I just placed my order and can't wait to get the package. This will be a great gift for my husband! What a great idea!

Tiffany; Houston, TX

HE LOVED IT. He has 4 brothers, and he showed them all and they all got so jealous. I said, "Go to baseballwallet.com!!!" They all wanted one. Thank you so so so so much.

Sonia; Washington, DC

Folks - I received my wallet a while ago and am just getting back to you. I really like it, and so does my father-in-law. We are both waiting for them to get broken in and get worn and used. I think it's a great product ... best of luck to you!

Bob; Fountain Inn, SC

Softball Gear

Thank you for your awesome and FAST service. We love our baseball wallet and appreciate how fast it got here. You guys are awesome. Thanks again.

Haley; Laurel, MT

Let me just say that the coaches and principals were very excited about their new wallet. They said it was such a memorable gift for such a great season, since we had won our District. They said that every time they get into their new wallet that they would be reminded of how special the team was. Everyone at the party wanted to know where the wallets came from and how they can order one!

Michele; Irving, TX